Glenn Eric is one of those quirky singer-songwriters whose music can fit in several different genres from folk to alt rock to Americana, and manage to push the envelope in all of them. A pinch of Bob Dylan, a dash of Leonard Cohen, maybe a breath of Chris Isaak, the rich timbre of Glenn’s voice electrifies even the mellower tracks here. The gritty heartland rock of the title track is juxtaposed wonderfully by the devilishly satirical ballad “Baby I Need Your Company” and beautifully moody “The Moon.” “Gulls Cry” sounds like Jimmy Buffet decided to write a song after going to a Cramps concert, and man does that bizarre wedlock ever work. This is thinking man’s music without being pompous, sometimes subtly humorous and often soul-bearing contemplative. The instrumental backdrop also is noteworthy for the talent and energy involved in it’s inception, and features several members of Tift Merritt’s band and lively production by My Morning Jacket’s sound man Ryan Pickett. Glenn is also an author, but for those of you who prefer to check out the musical portion of his artistic abilities, “Blanket of Stars” is definitely a great place to start. – MW, Music Morsels Reviews

Glenn Eric has created a nearly perfect album in Blanket of Stars…Eric has filled his disc with intelligent lyrics, spot-on musicianship and an overall professional feel.One of this album’s best songs is titled “The Moon.” It’s a song about how we all need goals. More accurately, though, it’s about how we really need sincere dreams. The moon, for instance, is far away—quite a way out of our reach. His lyric suggests we all need “something up there, like the moon” to reach for. If we become self-satisfied with life, without any challenges, life becomes dull and routine, so we all need our version of the moon, something to go for, in our lives…“Lonely World” has one of the best two opening lines I’ve ever heard in a song. It begins with Eric singing, “I got tired of hanging on/You got tired of letting go.” How perfect is that? Well, it describes imperfection, in that two people are going two polar opposite directions. However, Eric used word economy to sum up this sad situation precisely. One person really wanted to make things work, while the other one had grown weary keeping it together… the opening words are so good, it makes “Lonely World” one of the very best songs on a…very smart album…It would be interesting to hear these songs performed by another vocalist. The result and Glenn Eric’s future as a songwriter could be very bright. - Dan MacIntosh, Music Reviewer

Many times, people who are active in the creative arts focus on one thing specifically (perhaps acting, perhaps singing, perhaps writing poetry). But others have more than one focus, and Glenn Eric Meganck is a prime example. Those who visit his website,, will find that in addition to being a novelist (he has written several books, including some mystery novels), Meganck is a singer/songwriter. Meganck (who has also written under the names J.R. Ripley and Nick Lucas) has been using his website to sell both his novels and his music, which includes Lost in Austin and his most recent album, Blanket of Stars. So what does his music sound like? Meganck specializes in adult alternative, roots rock and Americana, drawing on direct or indirect influences that include Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Bruce Springsteen. Meganck fancies early rock & roll as well as 1970s and 1980s rock, and there are also hints of artists like Del Shannon, Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley in his work. Another influence on his music is country. “I Wish I Was a River,” “Baby, I Need Your Company,” “Lonely World” and “Sometimes, a Sad Song” are not country in the strict sense, but they are examples of a roots rocker successfully bringing country overtones to his rock & roll foundation. Other songs on this album, however, are not as country-influenced, and that includes “No Superman Here,” “Hoping,” “All the King’s Horses” and the title track as well as “The Moon” and “The One That Got Away.” But regardless of how much country influence Meganck is or is not incorporating on a particular song, Blanket of Stars never fails to have an earthy, rootsy outlook. Musically, Meganck knows what his strong points are (roots rock, Americana, rock & roll and adult alternative), and he zeros in on his strengths rather than running away from them. That is a wise decision on his part. “Gulls Cry” is a perfect example of Meganck drawing on early rock & roll for inspiration. That song sounds it could have been written in the early to mid 1960s; it definitely has an early to mid-1960s type of vibe, and it isn’t unlike something that Shannon or Orbison would have recorded during that era. Of course, the British Invasion was well underway in 1963, 1964 and 1965; the Beatles, during that period, were taking rock & roll to another level and demonstrating that British artists could perform it as skillfully as anyone in the United States. But “Gulls Cry,” rather than drawing on the British Invasion, is decisively U.S.-sounding. And even the female background vocals that the Michigan-born Meganck (who now lives in Florida) employs add to the song’s retro outlook.  “The One That Got Away,” meanwhile is an example of Meganck using a minor key to get a dusky, haunting type of sound.  For those who are not professional musicians and don’t have a technical understanding of the term “minor key,” suffice it to say that use of a minor key can do a lot to make things sound moody (that is true whether it is used in rock, jazz, the blues or Colombian cumbia). And “The One That Got Away,” with its minor key, is easily one of the bluesiest songs on this 2013 release. “The One That Got Away” doesn’t have a traditional 12-bar blues format and isn’t a blues in the traditional sense, but it is undeniably bluesy and oozes with blues feeling (which is highly appropriate in light of the fact that rock & roll would not exist were it not for the blues). Too much pigeonholing takes place in the creative arts. People who make their mark in one area are often told that they should stick to doing one thing and never branch out into other creative areas. Meganck, to his credit, hasn’t allowed himself to be taken in by that type of dogma. And with Blanket of Stars, he demonstrates that there is no reason why someone who has been making his mark as a novelist cannot deliver a likable dose of roots rock, adult alternative, rock & roll and Americana. - Review by Alex Henderson, Music Reviewer 

"Hollywood & Vine, a campy tune from the Glenn Eric Band, features some vocals and beats with Lux Interior (Cramps) inflections and probably the most inane lyrics ever written about this fair city.  The flip straight ahead rock." - MUSIC CONNECTION

"Glenn is quite a songwriter...the lyrics really talk to you...The guitar work throughout the album (especially on If It's Gonna Rain) is incredible. Kind of like Steve Vai!"  - Mark O'Neil, Music Director, KEOL Radio

"Glenn Eric is good s*&%, yes? I like the way he can both be funny or turn around and do straight pop. It makes for an interesting record." - Phil Shaw, Music Director, WUPI

"Sounds great! I've followed Glenn closley for several years now. This is a treat." - Matthew Pakos, Music Director, WRMC

 "If his books are as good as his songs, I reckon I need to get my act down to the library." - Nightflying, The Entertainment Guide

WODU-VA       “Really cool stuff. I believe it’s Top 50 bound.”

KAVT-MN        “I considered the album very upbeat, and I really enjoyed the song “Fire Of Love” and have added that to our rotation. Hope to hear more from Glenn Eric in the future.”

WIXD-PA         “Good stuff!”

WCBN-MI        “Good record, especially “Hollywood & Vine” and “Hot Potato”.

WUPI-ME        “Like this, guy can both be funny and serious. Is good, yes?”

WKWZ-NY      “Like Hollywood & Vine!”

KMTN-WY       “Good record”

WQSU-PA       “Hot LP!”

KUDI-ID          “Response has been good. We are alternative free form radio and this album could do very well.”

WUNH-NH      “Interesting sound!”

WWUH-CT      “Continues to intrigue us!”

WXIN-RI          “Send more cool music.”

KAOR-SD        “DJs like the sound too.”

WMTU-MI       “Hope In The City” is good. But it’s “Fire of Love” that gets me burning.”

WRCU-NY      “Audiences like it.”

KFSR-CA        “Good stuff!”

KZSU-CA        “Good so far!”

WMNF-FL       “Good original sound!”

WCLH-PA       “Record has potential.”

KSDB-KS        “Thought it was real good, hip!”

WRST-WI        “Good album — will definitely get a lot of airplay!!”

WCCR-IN        “Everyone was impressed. Really good sound.”

KZUM-NE       “Good!”

WOZQ-MA      “Talented man!”

WLYX-TN        “Strong songwriting-thanks!”

WBOR-ME      “I really like the album…As a whole, the album is a lot of fun.”

WMHW-MI      “Wow! ‘Hollywood & Vine’ brings back memories! The 7” has been here for years!”

KRFA-AR        “Interesting!”

KAOS-WA       “Surprisingly good. I liked it.”

KBOQ-OR       “Thanks for a very good LP. This will get used on our rock shows.”

KSLC-OR        “Kind of fun. Good!”

WVJC-IL          “…Keep ‘em coming.”

KGNU-CO       “This should do well here. He sounds a little like Stan Ridgeway.”

KRCL-CA        “Good album!”

KWCR-UT       “We will use for our folk show. Thank you!”

KEOL-OR        “Glenn is quite a songwriter. The lyrics really talk to you and his humor and wit is very evident in the music, the lightness/reality of “Hollywood & Vine” and the trap “The Man Who Had Everything” fell into. The guitar work throughout the album, especially on “If It’s Gonna Rain”, is incredible! Kind of like Steve Vai!”

WIUV-VT         “Sounds good.”

WRMC-VT      “Sounds great. I’ve followed Glenn closely for several years now. This is a treat!”